2014 Annual Survey

Engagement in Business Schools

In this survey, respondents answered questions focused on various elements of stakeholder engagement. Topics included importance and level of engagement across stakeholders, engagement cultures, and failure and success methods for increasing engagement.

Quick Facts

Survey Respondents:

  • 141 MBA policy makers
  • Job titles spanned MBA Program Directors, Associate Deans, and Assistant Deans
  • 75% have been with their business school for five or more years (64% over 10 years)
  • 47% have been in their current position for five or more years
  • 56% also hold a faculty position

Participating Institutions

  • 120 unique schools of business participated
  • 75% of schools indicated the Part-time MBA was the largest program
  • 38% also offer MS programs

Survey Findings

Part 1 – Importance and Levels of Engagement

Part 2 – Tactics for Engagement

Part 3 – Fostering a Positive Educational Climate Through Engagement

Part 4 – Engagement and Admissions

Part 5 – Engaging Adjunct Faculty

Part 6 – Overcoming Student Engagement Barriers

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