Annual BEI Survey Series

The Business Education Insider conducts annual survey research on a variety of topics important to business schools and their constituents. This research targets key policymakers, such as deans, associate deans and program directors, in an effort to more deeply understand myriad opportunities, challenges and perceptions about business schools and graduate management education. We are grateful to the individuals from more than 150 schools of business who regularly agree to share their perspectives on the most critical issues they face.

2015-2016 Survey:  Business School Strategy

Coming soon.

2014-15 Survey: Engagement in Business Schools

This survey examines the importance and levels of stakeholder engagement; opportunities and constraints of engagement; methods for engaging stakeholders; engagement cultures; as well as failure and success techniques associated with engagement. Respondents were 141 MBA policymakers from 120 schools of business across North America.

2013-14 Survey: MBA Program Innovation

The 2013 survey focused on drivers and barriers for change and innovation; types of innovations considered and implemented; feasibility of implementing innovation; and various perspectives on program quality components. Respondents were 47 part-time MBA policymakers from 44 schools of business.

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