The Graying of B-School Faculty: Do Teaching Evaluations Decline with Age?

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Help Faculty Avoid Knee-Jerk Reactions to Student Reactions

One of the more vexing problems facing academic administrators is how best to help low-performing instructors improve in the classroom. The costs associated with poor instructor performance are real, … [Read more...]

MBA Hiring is Trending Up or Rather Not Going Down

Some recent excitement was generated in the last few weeks from the release of GMAC’s annual Year-End Poll of Employers report. In the poll of 169 employers, GMAC reports that the market is steadying … [Read more...]

What Do We Really Know About Online Delivery in Business Schools?

by J. Ben Arbaugh, PhD Consider the following observation: Private-sector intrusion is a real risk for business schools. Cable operators and telecommunications companies are aggressively … [Read more...]

Letters of Recommendation: Are They Useful for Graduate Admissions?

Among admissions professionals, three key data sources are almost universally used to predict student potential within graduate programs: test scores (e.g., GMAT), undergraduate GPA, and letters of … [Read more...]

Join the Conversation: BEI’s Annual Business School Survey

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Assuring Quality Through Our Professional Staff

by Ray Whittington, PhD. & Misty Johanson, PhD The 2013 AACSB Business Accreditation Standards provide a number of enhancements over the 2003 standards.  Of particular note is the increased … [Read more...]

Deciding to Pursue the MBA: More Complex than You Might Think

As we have discussed in prior entries, the value of graduate management education is well documented. In most cases, students investing in graduate management education reap significant short- and … [Read more...]

The Lecture is Dead…Again.

Each year it seems, several news stories appear which predict the end of the venerable teaching method, the lecture. Detractors (read:  “haters”) of the lecture method are quick to call out the … [Read more...]

Building a Better MBA: Tackling the “Big Questions” of the Future

Over the past two decades there has been an emergence of academic literature concerning what has been termed, the “business of business schools.” As any casual observer might attest, this literature … [Read more...]