BEI Launches Survey on Business School Reputation and Quality


web-surveyThe Business Education Insider conducts survey-based research on a variety of topics important to business schools and their constituents.

This research targets key business school policymakers, such as deans, associate deans and program directors, in an effort to more deeply understand a variety of opportunities, challenges and perceptions about business schools and graduate management education. We then share insights from the survey responses with you in a series of reports posted here throughout the academic year.

Based on previous suggestions, our upcoming survey will center on signals of educational quality and what roles they play in how we structure, deliver and evaluate our MBA programs. For example, much has been written about how characteristics, such as rankings and program accreditation, often are used to communicate reputation and quality. Yet, building and maintaining these characteristics requires trade-offs when it comes to allocating a school’s finite resources. We look forward to exploring these issues through your survey responses.

Business school administrators may participate in the 10-minute survey by clicking here  As always, your responses are confidential, and we will report on survey results in the aggregate.

We are grateful to the individuals from more than 150 schools of business school who regularly agree to participate in our surveys and share their perspectives on the most critical issues they face.


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