MBA Grads Continue to See Value in Degree

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) posted some nice graphics culled from their 2012 and 2013 annual surveys related to the perceived value of graduate management education. 

The data show high levels of agreement regarding the personal and professional value of the MBA expressed by graduates. This is not news; GMAC annual surveys routinely show that alumni of part-time programs report equally high levels of satisfaction with their degrees. But what’s most interesting here is that part-time MBA students (like their full-time counterparts) state overwhelmingly that their MBA played an “essential” role in obtaining their first job after graduation. And yet in their 2012 Alumni Perspectives Survey, GMAC finds that 91 percent of part-time MBA students were employed after graduation largely because roughly 75 percent remained employed by the organization for which they worked during school.

Working professionals are clearly using their degrees to help advance their career progression, but such progression is often difficult to track since it includes internal promotions, transitions to new roles, deepening of current roles, and/or salary increases, all of which may be separated in time from graduation. Given how much attention is paid to immediate starting salaries and job placements of full-time students, it’s often easy to overlook the equally strong value of graduate management education expressed by working professionals.

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